Why We Eat

We eat to sustain life, because we’re hungry, right? If only it were that simple, many people would not have so much excess weight. There are many reasons why we eat. We eat because we’re happy and want to celebrate. We eat because we’re sad, depressed, bored, lonely, upset, frustrated, angry, etc., etc. We eat to be social, perhaps because it’s time to eat and our family or friends are eating. We eat because we associate certain activities with eating, such as watching TV, movies, sporting events, etc. Many of these situations are acceptable, but some are not. For instance, some people eat because they’re depressed. They’re depressed because they’re obese. The more they eat, the more obese they become, which leads to more eating, which leads to more depression and so it continues.

In an ideal world, the amount and timing of our eating would correspond perfectly to the actual needs of the body. That is probably not a reasonable expectation. The best solution is to create a healthy balance. We want to eat with our family and friends, but not to excess and not the wrong things. We don’t want to miss out on eating as part of celebrations, but we also don’t want to overdo it. We don’t always have the luxury of eating at times other than scheduled breaks. For the most part, these are all workable.

What do we do when things get out of control and our eating becomes destructive? If you’re like many people, you get angry with yourself, perhaps even hate yourself. When that happens, more destructive behavior ensues. Stop beating yourself up about it. Find out why it happens. Then set goals to work on it little by little. One of the wonderful things about the Ohana Ideal Weight Loss System is that we are addressing some of the underlying reasons for these behaviors, such as trapped emotions, hormone imbalances, etc. It will still require some effort on your part to change the old patterns. However, your treatment should make it easier, helping you ensure long-term success.


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