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Migraine Tragedy

July 2, 2010

I recently had a patient come in with severe neurological damage. Several years ago, she was undergoing medical treatment for migraine headaches. The doctor was injecting her neck with steroids. The first shot was okay, but the second one went terribly wrong. He apparently went in too far, injecting into her spinal cord. She was paralyzed for six months. She eventually got to where she could walk and get around fairly well. However, it left her right hand and arm practically useless. She is in constant pain and must use implanted electrodes along her spine to try to control the symptoms, as well as taking strong pain killers every day. In spite of all that, the pain and disability are almost unbearable. This has been going on for six years now.

The purpose of this blog is not to criticize the medical treatment this woman received. The outcome was obviously tragic. I frankly don’t know enough about the circumstances or what the doctor was doing to comment on it intelligently. What really bothers me is that I have successfully treated many migraine patients through gentle and natural means without ever harming anyone. Perhaps I could have averted this tragedy if this woman would have come to see me or one of many other chiropractors who have similar techniques.

Chiropractic is safe and works in harmony with the body. Serious adverse effects are extremely rare. In fact, in 26 years of practice, I’ve never seen any. Effectiveness, of course, varies from person to person. With some people it helps a great deal, while a few not so much. I wish I could say that I’ve totally eliminated everyone’s headaches that’s ever been to see me. However, at least 90% of them have had their headaches, including migraines, significantly reduced or eliminated. (I know — that’s not very statistical; it’s just an observation. But it is an honest assessment of my experience.)

I hope that people with chronic headaches will give chiropractic a try. I realize that medications are easier and cheaper, but they do have side effects and dangers, and they do nothing to address the underlying cause.